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Returns policy

Dead on Arrival (DOA):

The buyer must notify us of the Dead On Arrival (DOA) issue within 7 days of receiving the item.

The return for exchange of defective goods (DOA) will be at the expense of the buyer and must be returned within 14 days of the original purchase date.

Goods returned must be in their original packaging. Proof of purchase required for any warranty claim

Standard Warranty:

Standard Warranty procedure apply for items found faulty outside the 7 days DOA period.

All items must be return with its original, secure and protective packaging to avoid possible damage during transit.

The product will be inspected and if it is deemed faulty then we will issue form of redress (replacement) which is at our discretion.

If an item is not deemed faulty following inspection, then we are unable to offer a replacement and the product will be returned to buyer at their own cost.

Refund Policy:

Refunds or exchange will not be provided if you simply change your mind.

Shipping, insurance and handling costs are not refundable for all returns.

Walter RC Hobby has made every effort to describe of its products as clearly and completely as possible.

Nonetheless, Walter RC Hobby’s products are intended for many different applications and environments and a customer’s purchasing

decision will be influenced by factors unique to its specific application and environment.

Therefore, it is not possible for the Information to address every conceivable issue that may affect a customer’s purchasing decision.

The Information is intended to provide general guidance only. For specific guidance or support, Please contact Walter RC Hobby.

Proper selection of a specific Walter RC Hobby product for a specific application and operating environment,

and its compatibility with other products, is the customer’s responsibility. The customer must assume the ultimate responsibility for the proper selection,

compatibility, and suitability of Walter RC Hobby products.

The customer must validate all operating parameters and specifications for the customer’s application and environment.

General Products Warranty:

Products warranty based on manufacturer policy. Please refer the full warranty terms and procedures from the manufacturer web site or Send us an enquiry before making any purchase. User accepts all resulting liability. Walter RC reserve the right to modify warranty provisions without notice. Warranty does not cover incorrect installation, components worn by use, or any damage caused by crash, flooding or natural disaster. Walter RC has no control over the installation of this product; no liability may be assumed nor will be accepted for any damage resulting from the use of this product.


Speed Passion / ORCA Warranty information:

Warranty does not cover incorrect installation, components worn by use, damage to case or exposed circuit boards, damage from using more than 6 cells (1.2 volts DC/cell) or more than 2 LiPo/LiFe cells input voltage, damage resulting from using LiPo/LiFe batteries without Smart-Stop voltage cut-off circuitry active, using insufficient LiPo/LiFe batteries that cannot supply the amount of current required by this system, cross-connection of battery/motor power wires, overheating solder tabs, reverse voltage application, improper use or installation of external BEC, damage resulting from thermal overload or short-circuiting motor, damage from incorrect installation of FET servo or receiver battery pack, damage due to free revving motor, damage due to using a non-Speed passion / ORCA motor, not using or incorrect installation of a Speed passion/ORCA High Power Capacitor on the ESC or from using a damaged Speed passion/ORCA High Power Capacitor Module, splices to input, ON/OFF switch, or sensor harnesses, damage from excessive force when using the One-Touch/SET button or from disassembling case, tampering with internal electronics, allowing water, moisture, or any other foreign material to enter ESC or get onto the PC board, incorrect installation/wiring of input plug plastic, allowing exposed wiring or solder tabs to short-circuit, or any damage caused by a crash, flooding, or natural disaster. Melted speed controls or motors are not covered by the warranty.

Because Speed Passion / ORCA / Walter RC Hobby has no control over the connection & use of the speed control or other related electronics, no liability may be assumed nor will be accepted for any damage resulting from the use of this product. Every Speed Passion / ORCA Speed control & motor is thoroughly tested & cycled before leaving the facility and is, therefore, considered operational. By the act of connecting/operating speed control, user accepts all resulting liability. In no case shall our liability exceed the product’s original cost. We reserve the right to modify warranty provisions without notice. This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age without the strict supervision of an adult. Use of this product in an uncontrolled manner may result in physical damage or injuries—take extra care when operating any remote control vehicle.

ESC Warranty Period : 90 days from day of purchase

Motors Warranty Period: 30 days from day of purchase